Discover Your Romantic Brain Color Personality To Enjoy A Happy Valentine’s Day!

Soul Mate Or Cell Mate

Do you ever feel that your “soul mate” has become a “cell mate”?
Are you concerned that the spark that ignited your positive attraction might have fizzled into a negative reaction?

Romantic Relationships

A multitude of factors can agitate your personal security and relationships. However, understanding you Brain Color attitude and how it influences your romantic relationship will help you resolve personal conflicts and create more love and harmony in your life. Often, we are romantically drawn to another person because we admire his or her personality traits and talents that we do not have or that we would like to have more of.

Triple AAA Solution To Armorous Dilemmas

Try my “AAA” solution to amorous dilemmas that can dampen the success of your romantic relationship:
1. Recognize what Attracted you to each other.
2. Understand why different idiosyncrasies have become an Annoyance.
3. Accept your loved one for whom he or she is and what he or she values, even if his or her ideas differ from yours.

Appreciate Each Other

Now you can Appreciate why you fell in love with each other to keep the romantic spark that ignited your positive attraction from fizzling into a negative reaction! Make your Valentine’s Day and every day more romantic with the following Brain Color Positive Attractions Tips:

Brain Color Attraction

Different Brain Color Are Attracted To:
* Yellow Brainers who respect their rules.
* Blue Brainers who cooperate on their projects.
* Green Brainers who provide structured systems for them.
* Orange Brainers who contribute adventure to their routine.

Some Orange Brainers Are Charmed by:
* Yellow Brainers who plan their activities.
* Blue Brainers who encourage their enthusiasm.
* Green Brainers who help them calculate risk.
* Orange Brainers who will join in their fun.

More Romantic Clues

More Romantic Brain Color Clues can be found in Chapter 7-Your Romantic Relationships, in my What Color Is Your Brain? book.

Closing Thought

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day Celebration with more understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for those you love!

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