Discover Your Brain Color Personality at the Library

This evening, I am presenting a What Color Is Your Brain? Workshop for the patrons at the Downers Grove Library in Downers Grove, Illinois.

I am excited and honored because 60 people have pre-registered for the workshop. Most libraries have an average of 25 people. I have prepared colorful handouts that are printed on bright Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange card stock and an engaging PowerPoint presentation.

I love the delightful surprise on people’s faces when they arrive in the meeting room. My colorful handouts and musical video collage, I have playing before the workshop, create an inviting and comfortable learning environment.

At previous programs, some patrons have asked me if they are in the right room.

I have discovered that often workshop attendees are used to or just expect a mediocre presentation. My goal is to always offer workshop participants a marvelous program from start to finish!

This evening, the library patrons will discover how to:
1. Determine their Brain Colors.
2. Recognize the different personality types must relate to in workplace and are related to in their home.
3. Understand their perspective and accept others’ points of view.
4. Keep their energy up and their stress down.
5. Communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts quickly.
6. Minimize frustration and maximize cooperation.
7. Decrease the hassles and increase the harmony in every facet of their lives.

I trust that the library patrons will enjoy an Entertaining and Educational Evening that will help them:
Live Better, Stress Less, Love More and Laugh Often!

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