Discover why the holidays deplete your energy and cause you stress!

Did you know that between November 1st and January 15th approximately 29 holidays are observed by 7 of the world’s major religions?

All those holidays can deplete your energy and create stressful holiday preparations and celebrations.

Not delegating responsibilities and not asking for help are two behaviors that increase your stress and decrease your energy, especially during the holiday season.

Below are Brain Color Tips to help you and others de-stress your Brain Color personalities and create more energy and less stress when you are preparing for and attending holiday celebrations!

Yellow Brainers keep their energy up and their stress down by: Completing tasks without distractions, organizing holiday preparations, and being prepared and on time for celebrations.

Blue Brainers keep their energy up and their stress down by: Helping others and sharing festivities, making time to be with family and friends, and demonstrating their creativity.

Green Brainers keep their energy up and their stress down by: Scheduling quiet alone time, learning about their new technology, and staying within a budget when shopping.

Orange Brainers keep their energy up and their stress down by: Enjoying impromptu sports or holiday activities, exercising, and attending parties with family members and friends.

How can you enjoy yourself with less stress and more energy during the holiday season? 

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