Discover The Answers To The Question: Why Do I Resist Or Embrace Change?

Enjoying Change

This morning, I was looking out my office window and enjoying the changing of colors on our hydrangea bush.  The beautiful white blossoms are changing to a shades of pink.

How To Create Changes

I love that I can purposely change the color of our hydrangea by feeding plant food that that changes the pH levels in  the soil to a 6 or 7.  The following link will explain the process: How To Change Hydrangea Color? — Bob Vila

A Quote About Change

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Viktor Frankl

Challenges To Change Your Brain Colors

Just as my hydrangea plant is challenged to change its colors, we all are challenged to either embrace or resist change because of our Brain Colors. Life experiences and maturity offer us new opportunities to modify our Brain Colors, sometimes changing to  the complete opposite Brain Color. Below are examples of those Brain Color changes from my original What Color Is Your Brain?® book and What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients book:

• Individuals with a Yellow Brain Personality can become more Orange. They do not have to be as responsible to their family, careers, or community as they did when they were younger. With their children grown, they feel it’s their time to have new adventures. They have the resources and the time to do “crazy” things and become risk-takers.

• Individuals with a Blue Brain can become more Green. They no longer have to nurture others. They can be self-caring and focus on themselves. They take good care of themselves by going back to school, focusing on a new career, or delving into a hobby that earlier required too much time or money.

• Individuals with a Green Brain Personality can become more Blue. They do not have to be focused on solving business or family problems. They have amassed a lifetime of knowledge and experience, but no longer need to impart it to others. They have opportunities to show the sensitive Blue facet of their personality.

• Individuals with an Orange Brain Personality can become more Yellow. They actually become tired of taking risks and want more security. They are comfortable not being the “crazies” in their family or circle of friends. While they still like to march to a different drummer, they change their brisk tempo to a slower pace.

Closing Thought

Remember to share these answers to why you embrace or resist change: and use all your Brain Colors to create change and/or purposefully modify your personality and behavior.

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