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Writing Chapters

I have been writing new chapters for my next book. As I wrote in my June 22nd blog post My 7th Book… Is It For You? – Sheila Glazov, the book is for anyone who manages people and projects in a workplace, at home, or in a community environement.

New Book Title

I changed the title because my Brain Color methodology focuses on people and how they build harmonious relationships. The new title puts people first and then projects. What Color Is Your Brain?® When Managing People and Projects: A Practical Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Stakeholders’ Perspectives.

Proposing and Negociating Change

I had to negociate my perspective of changing the title with my acquisition ediitor and my two co-authors, who are project managers. I needed they to see my perspective, which I felt was more inclusionary different types of managers and their personalities. Not every manager is a certified project manager, or a member of the Project Management Institution (PMI) or the Amarican Mangagment Association (AMA). Think about people who manage restaurants, health care practices, clothing stores, or family life and/or events.

Brain Color Negociating For A Win-Win

Knowing how the other side you are negotiating with will respond, and understanding how they approach the negotiation because of their Brain Color will help you achieve a successful Win-Win negotiation.

When negociating with a Yellow Brainer be cognizant that they value hierarchy and rules.

When negociating with a Blue Brainers emphasize their creativeness and flexibility to achieve a result that will help others.

When negociating with a Green Brainers expect them to defend their positions in a logical and factual manner, and you should do the same.

When negociating with an Orange Brainers emphasize tangible rewards they and/or their organization will receive by making the “deal”.

Closing Thought

If can’t negociate a deal that is acceptable to you and the other person, NO deal is better than a BAD deal!



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