Discover How Your Chakra Energy Relates to Your Brain Color Personality!

Did you know that each of your four Brain Color relates to four of the seven Ayurvedic Science/Medicine and Healing Energy aspects of your Chakras? Your chakras are centers in which energy flows throughout your body. Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to wheel.

Last Thursday, I presented a What Color Is Your Brain? program at Silver Lotus Yoga, which is my splendid community yoga studio. I taught the attendees about their Brain Color personalities and the chakras, which relate to their Brain Color attributes and abilities.

Below are the explanations about the chakras and Brain Color personalities:

The 4th Chakra Energy for the Yellow Brain Personalities is the Solar Plexus Energy, which is the positive use of personal power, control, awareness, and the manifestation of personal goals.


The 5th Chakra Energy for the Blue Brain Personalities is the Throat Energy, which is the expression of dreams, new connections, sharing, self-expression, and joyful


The 4th Chakra Energy for Green Brain Personalities is the Heart Energy, which is fresh new growth because the heart is the dispatcher of information, personal consciousness, and reserved expression of feelings.


The 2nd Chakra for the Orange Brain Personalities is the Sacral Energy, which is a glow and “pow” of awareness, exploration about an individual’s physical attributes and abilities, and creative forces and facets.


I trust you have enjoyed learning how your Chakra Energy relates to your Brain Color Personality!


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