Discover How to Tune into Your Tone of Voice and Brain Color Personality!

Today, I was putting the finishing touches on a What Color Is Your Brain?® Program for the Illinois Electrology Association Winter Seminar. On my handout, I included the following Brain Color information to help people understand that if you listen carefully people will tell you their Brain Color Personality.

Yellow Brainers use “should” , “would”, and “have to” when talking about themselves or others.

Blue Brainers tell you how they “love” and/or “feel” about something or someone.

Green Brainers respond with, “I’ll have to think about that and see if it makes sense.”

Orange Brainers say, “That sounds like fun! Let’s do it!”

It is essential to listen carefully and it also is critical to use the appropriate tone of voice when communicating with others. People will be more receptive to what you say if you use a tone of voice that make them feel respected and comfortable. For example:

Blue Brainers may hear a Green Brainer use an accusatory tone when they are speaking to them. Green Brainers think their tone is inquisitorial, not accusatorial.

Orange Brainer do not like other people telling them what do. They may hear a Yellow Brainers using a dictatorial tone when they are speaking to them. Yellow Brainers think that their tone is directive, not dictatorial.

Remember to tune into your tone… it may not be what you say, but how you say it.

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