Discover How to Invest in Yourself for the New Year!

A New Year Investment

As the new year begins, I have decided to invest in myself in several ways.

Financial Investment

I have decided to work with Alexandra Mazanke. My Green Brain is very excited to be working with Alexndra, who a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and accomplished young woman! I am learning about stocks, mutual funds and an ETFs. It is grand learning how to read information about a stock, reading investment books, and listening podcast.

As my Ameriprise Financial Advisor Alexandra carefully listened to all my ideas. We changed our course of action once Alexandra told me about an ETF that included Medical Devices. I am very familiar with this industry because of my parents’ business Lab-Line Instruments, Inc. that manufactured laboratory equipment.

You can read all about their entrepreneurship in my book, No Bunk, Just BS Business Sense, 50 Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You!  You can also Listen to The Patricia Raskin’s Show when Patricia interviewed me about my No Bunk, Just BS book.

Health Investment

I also invested in an ALCAT test with my physician. I had taken an ALCAT test in 2015 and I wanted to compare the differences and food sensitivities to veggies, fruits, proteins, herbs, nuts, and additive (which I do not eat) with both tests. There was an interesting difference. My Yellow Brain is eager to invest in my decisions to discipline myself and rotate my food choices and see how I feel for the next 3 months.

Physical and Mental Investment

I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years. However, because of the pandemic I have been taking 2 yoga classes with one of my teachers twice a week and practicing yoga myself on the other days. My Blue Brain is now experiencing difference practices with other teachers on YouTube videos. The change is good for mental and physical health!

Creative Investment

My Orange Brain decided to have fun modifiying and working on a needle point project I started many years ago. I will post my creation once it is finished. I also am having fun playing my piano, again. We have the piano I grew up with in our living room. I purchased some basic piano books from Tim Paul the owner of Piano Trends. and am tickling the ivories several times a week. 

Brain Color Investing

The following is how each Brain Color can invest in themselves:
Yellow Brainers develop a plan to invest in themselves.
Blue Brainers share their ideas about how to invest in themselves with others.
Green Brainer study and read books or websites about how to invest in themselves.
Orange Brainers make investing in themselves a competitive game.

Final Thought

Make a New Year Resolution to take time and think about creating great ways you can invest in yourself!

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