Discover How A Terrific Teacher Helps Her Students Learn About Themselves!

Last Thursday, I received a grand email from my friend Laura Newcomer who is the Information Literacy Coach at her elementary school. Laura is featured in the photo on the left with the Princess Shayna Comes to Longfellow School 2014 photo album she and her students created for me at the conclusion of their enrichment class.

Laura wrote, “The students are having a great time with the Brain Color Unit.  They enjoyed the Princess Shayna book and learning about themselves.  Now we are working on a couple of projects to show what they are learning.

The first one is that they are going to be interviewed by the Brain Color puppet. And our first question for you is —Does this puppet have a name?  I told them I didn’t remember and they were totally shocked that I had the ability to contact you to ask….they are in awe….and awaiting your response…”

I immediately responded to Laura’s question and reminded her the Brain puppet is named “Brainbow.” He represents all our Brain Color personalities that are a blending (just like a rainbow) combination of Yellow, Blue, Green,and Orange Brain attributes and abilities. 

Laura continued, “This is a very interesting group to talk to about Brain color….really good discussions….one of our questions that they came up with for their interviews is ‘Do your friends influence your Brain Color?’

I can’t wait to see how they answer the question. They also wondered if your Brain Color changes as you get older, I remembered you had some slides on a PowerPoint about that. Thought you might want to see their personal interpretations of their Brain Colors.

I think this group would really love to meet you and talk about brain color. You wouldn’t happen to be available on May 18th from 10:30-12 would you?”

I responded to Laura that I would be delighted to accept her invitation to meet her students on May 18th! 

“I am so happy that I get to teach the Brain Colors with your Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift book to the students one more time!”

I am looking forward to meeting and visiting with Laura’s 3rd grade students who are:
10% – Careful Yellow Brainers
13% – Creative Blue Brainers
 5% – Curious Green Brainers
72% – Fun-loving Orange Brainers

I will be writing more about Laura, her students, and their questions after my May 18th Author Visit.
Stay tuned! 

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