Discover 4 reasons why people are willing to take risks and go out on a limb!

Last week, I was surprised to see a dozen robbins braving our frigid Chicago winter. They were sitting on the brick walkway to our home and eating the little red crab apples that had fallen from our crabapple tree. Then I noticed other robbins perched on several thin limbs of the tree gathering more frozen fruit to sustain themselves.

As I watch the robin balance on the limbs, my Green Brain thought about the metaphor of going out on a limb to reach the fruit, staying safe on the ground, or hugging the solid tree trunk. Fruit does not develop on the sturdy trunk of a tree. Trees blossom on the outer branches were the sunshine and rain can nurture the fruit’s growth.

Then my Blue Brain popping ideas about each Brain Color Personality and how willing each one is to take a risk and go out on a limb to gather the fruit (of life)?

People with a Yellow Brain personality are not comfortable taking a risks. However, they go out on a limb because they feel a sense of responsibility and have established a safety back up plan.

 People with a Blue Brain personality will take a risk for someone they love or something they feel great passion about. They will go out on a limb because they have strong feelings of compassion and a desire to help others.

People with a Green Brain personality will take a calculated risk. They will go out on a limb if they have logically analyzed the consequences of their behavior and have enough knowledge to know that their behavior will successfully solve a problem.

People with an Orange Brain personality are the most willing to take a risk. The excitement of going out on a limb energizes them. However, sometimes they are blind to the dangers or the unwelcomed results by their eagerness and  “I can do that!” attitude.

Use your Green Brain to think about which Brain Color personality encourages you to take risks and go out on a limb!


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