Direct Advice

Direct AdviceDoctor’s direct diagnosis in perspective

During our family’s Thanksgiving celebration in 1985, I noticed that our eldest son, Joshua, looked pale and thin. “You should see Dr. Bud tomorrow,” I told him after dinner. “You look like you might be coming down with mono.” At first Joshua was reluctant to go to the doctor, but he admitted he was feeling pretty miserable and agreed.

The next morning, Dr. Bud examined Joshua and took several blood samples. I’m not a worrier, but I was becoming concerned as Dr. Bud took an unusually long time returning to the examining room. When he finally did come back, his news was devastating.

“Joshua, you have diabetes,” he said. Dr. Bud’s declaration was blunt, even for someone not known for his bedside manners. What he said next was just as direct.

“I want you to remember something, Josh. It’s not your family’s diabetes. It’s yours. You must take care of yourself.”

Over the years, Joshua and our family came to realize that Dr. Bud’s advice was wise. It helped us all recognize that while we were all on this ride together, Joshua would become the driver in control.

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