Diabetes Statistics, Cost and Affects in the U.S.

When I learned about Mrs. Obama’s campaign against Obesity I was delighted. However, I was disappointed that she did not emphasize the significant affect obesity has on diabetes.

Every one who knows me, understands that my “Blue Brain and Heart” passionately speak and write about diabetes management, finding a cure for diabetes, and diabetes being a world wide epidemic.

I’m sure each one of us knows some one who lives with the challenges and/or complications of diabetes. The following statistics were printed in the Spring 2010 Spring Issue of JDRF Count Down Magazine:

Every 30 seconds – Frequency of diabetes diagnosis in the U.S.

24 Million – Number of adults and children with diabetes in the U.S.

1.6 Million Plus – Number individuals diagnosed with diabetes every year

1 in 3 – Americans born in 2000 who are at risk for developing diabetes in their life time

The following statistics demonstrate the tremendous cost of diabetes management:

1 in 5 – Proportion of health care dollars spent on diabetes in the U.S.

$174 BILLION – Annual cost of diabetes to the U.S.economy in 2007
Image how much more it must cost in 2010!

2.3 times higher – Medical expenses for individuals in the U.S. who have diabetes compared to the people who do not suffer from diabetes

32% – The percentage of Medicare budget that is spent on diabetes

The risks of other health related issues and complications is much higher for individuals who have diabetes, than those who do not.

2 to 4 times higher – Risk of stroke or heart attacks for Americans who have diabetes, than others who do not have diabetes.

Over the next 25 years, the number of Americans
with diabetes is predicted to nearly double;
the cost of diabetes is predicted to almost triple.

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