Diabetes Self-Mangement Program

Last week, I was  planning a What Color Is Your Brain? Lunch and Learn Program at
Good Shepard Hospital

While speaking with the meeting planner, Rosie Jerentina RN BSNc, I asked her why the hospital does not have a diabetes clinic. 

Rosie told me the hospital does not have dedicated clinic within the hospital. However, they do offer a personalized
Diabetes Self-Management Program, which offers:

1.  Individualized Education Counseling Sessions for Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes patients with a diabetes nurse educator and dietitian.The classes are offered monthly and include an overview of diabetes, healthy eating, foot care, stress management, coping, changing behavior and exercise.

2. A Diabetes Boot Camp, which is an education series that is offered to the community bimonthly.

3. A Diabetes Support is available to individuals with diabetes, their family and friends.

4. A 10 Week Medically Based Exercise Programs: Lift and Be Fit and Move to Improve.  

I learned a valuable lesson…  
If you or some one you care about is dealing with the challenges of diabetes, check with your local hospital to see what programs they offer.

They may not have a diabetes clinic, but might offer
individualized educational diabetes self-management program!

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