Diabetes Capital and Artificial Pancreas

I recently read two astounding article about diabetes management.

The first article focused on Logan County, West Virginia, which has been called the
“Diabetes Capital of the United States.” The article said the residents of Logan County, population 36,00, know about the risks of diabetes, but find it difficult to change their eating habits and way of life.  Family genetics, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, obesity, poor lifestyle choices and denial have contributed to the diabetes epidemic in the United States, which is rapidly growing world wide. There were 10 million people in the United States with Type 2 diabetes in 1975, today there are 23 million.

The second article was most encouraging because of the exciting news about an experimental artificial pancreas that will be available for testing on people with diabetes. Dr. Aaron Kowalski, research director of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s artificial pancreas project said the commercial model could possible be available within 4 years. The device was developed by Johnson & Johnson.

This is exciting news for approximately 6 million people (and their families) in the United States who have Type I diabetes and are insulin dependent. However, the device is not a cure for diabetes, but a device to help people improve their diabetes management and prevent life threatening complications.

The first article my “Blue Heart” Sad.
The second article made my “Blue Heart” Smile!

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