Is Crucial Information Missing from Your Business Card?

This morning, I read a post that Julia Bowers liked on LinkedIn. The post was about business cards and what is essential about them. Most business cards will display an individual’s  name, title, job, contact information, which might be your postal address, email address, phones numbers, and in my case, my book covers.

Of course, the post revved up my Blue Creative Brain. I thought that it would be logical, beneficial, and fun if your business cards also included your Brain Color. How about a business card that visually or with verbiage notified the person you were giving your card to the Comfort (your most predominant) Brain Color of your personality?

It would be much easier and more helpful to begin a meaningful, comfortable, and engaging conversation with other people if you knew the appropriate way to approach your personality type and if you knew how to begin an introductory conversation with another individual that would interest them.

Below is a list of the four Brain Color Personalities, what to talk them about when you are introduced, what makes them feel comfortable, and how to engage them in a conversation.

Yellow Brainers become engaged and feel comfortable talking about the pride they have about their Career and Home
Blue Brainers become engaged and feel more comfortable sharing stories about their beloved Family members, Friends, and Pets.
Green Brainers become engaged and feel more comfortable exchanging relevant information about Education and Books.
Orange Brainers become engaged and feel more comfortable chatting about their fun Vacations and enjoyable Hobbies.

Now the challenge is to teach as many people as possible the What Color Is Your Brain?® Theory to help them discover their Brain Color Personality!
Then they can add the crucial Brain Color information to their business cards!


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