Crucial Health Care Advocate Lessons That Can Help You!

Post image for Crucial Health Care Advocate Lessons That Can Help You!Do you think it is crucial to have have an advocate for yourself or be an advocate for loved ones in an health care facility? I do!

I have been an advocate for my for several of my loved one. However, when I broke my leg, eleven weeks ago today, my extensive Brain Color knowledge of my personality and others’ personalities helped me be an Knowledgeable Green Brain Advocate for myself. I was able to communicate with and understand the emergency room staff according to their Brain Colors.

As soon as the fire department EMT wheeled me to an hospital ER examining room, the Blue Brain Nurse introduced herself, told me she would be my nurse, and that I should not to hesitate to ask her if I needed anything. My Blue Brain immediately felt more at ease.

My Green Advocate Brain told her I needed some pain medicine, but not a tablet because I knew the tablet would have corn or wheat in it, as a binder, and I am allergic to wheat and corn. I told her a liquid pain medication or injection would be fine.

Then Green Brain Doctor came in the room. He told me and my husband Jordan his name, told me had ordered an Ex-ray of my leg, and that the nurse would give me a morphine shot.

The Blue Brain Nurse gave me the shot and thoughtfully chatted with me about how I broke my leg and asked my husband how he was feeling and if there was anything he needed.

The Green Brain Doctor returned and factually told me, “Your broke your leg.” and then walked out of the room.

I was not surprised by his insensitive behavior. I had already determined his Green Brain Color.

Next, a Yellow Brain Orthopedic Technician holding a splint and bandages walked into the room. She directly told me she had to set my leg, now.

I immediate determined her Yellow Brain Color because she was prepared and had a plan she was going to activate immediately according to her schedule.

My Green Advocate Brain told her, “I understand that you have a plan and might be uncomfortable changing your schedule. However, I was a redhead and we are more sensitive than most people and need more or less pain medication or anesthetic than other patients. I am going to need more pain medication before you splint my leg.”

Then Blue Brain Nurse gently tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I will handle this.” and guided the technician out of the room. The nurse quickly returned with another shot of morphine and reassured me that the technician would not return until I was ready to have my leg put in the splint.

After 30 minutes, I was feeling less pain and told the nurse I was ready for the splint. The nurse returned with the technician who kindly and carefully put the splint on my leg.

In the meantime, my Orange Resourceful Husband called his expertly skilled orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Spiros Stamelos, whom we have known for almost 30 years! Dr. Stamelos told my husband to bring me to his office, as soon as possible. Then my husband called Superior Ambulance Service to take to me Dr. Stamelos’ office, where my Blue Brain would feel comfortable in a familiar environment.

Then my husband told the ER staff he had called his doctor and the ambulance service and they prepared to hospital release form for me. The final release detail was signing the release form the ER doctor provided. As soon as I signed the form, the doctor seriously looked at me and objectively said, “Have a nice day!” as the ER doctor walked out of the room, my husband and I looked at each other and had to keep ourselves from laughing at his Green Brain Behavior!

Knowing my Brain Colors and my husband’s Brain Color and understanding the ER staff’s Brain Color personalities and how to communicate with them were crucial lessons that help me be an health care advocate for myself! I trust my lessons can be helpful to you now or in the future for you and/or your loved ones!


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