Creative Problem Solving With Forced Association and A Burger Menu!

Dinner  Discovery

Last week, my husband and I took our cousin out to dinner. We ate at The Claim Company that is known for their burgers. It was during dinner that I had a grand discovery. Keep reading to find out what I discovered.

Break from Cooking 

It was delightful to take a break from cooking dinner. My Creative Blue Brain and body were both relaxed and enjoyed the time with my husband and cousin Marilyn.


Did you know that many of us are the most creative when our mind and body are resting. I often have to get up and write ideas on a note pad, in our bathroom, in the middle of the night.

Baroque Music

When I taught cretivity classes, I told my students to isten to Baroque music that can be most relaxing. It has 60 beats per minute, which is a healthy heart rate.

Forced Association

Forced Association is a creative technique or tool that uses a variety of words or idea that are not normally put together as a creative problem solving technique or tool.

My Creative Problem Solving with Forced Association

I have been diligently working on my What Color Is Your Brain?® Train the Trainer Program. When I looked at the burger Motherlode Menu, that included a selection of (burger meat, bread, cheese, topping, and sauce) I had my Forced Association!  I realized I could utilize that menu format for my program! I was so excited about my discovery. I could offer people choices for the Brain Color Quadrants, Brain Color Concepts, Activities, Debriefing, Attendee’s Brain Colors, Evaluations, and other selections of a workshop or program that fits their needs!

Closing Thought

We never know when, where, or what my be a spark that lights our creativity and solves a problem. Keep an open mind. Your next idea might be  burger menu!



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