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1. I purchase Microsoft Office 2010 in June because of the new PowerPoint programing for videos, but I had problems with the installation.

2. Yesterday, I lost my AnyTime Calendar data, but I was able to recover the information!

3. This morning, I discovered that my new LG Vu cell phone, which was replaced at the AT&T store last week, is not working properly!

4. This afternoon, I finished my August Brain Buzz Newsletter and was about to send it out, but I couldn’t. I discovered that Constant Contact and Office 2010 are not compatible to download my Outlook contacts. It’s not like they didn’t know about the upgrade. However, it’s a mystery because I had Office 2010 installed on my computer when I sent out my July Brain Buzz. I called the CEO’s office and her admin is looking into a solution for me.

All of these issues have required a copious amount of time speaking with technicians and customer reps online or on the phone.

When I was younger, I didn’t not understand why older people were CRANKY!

Now, I know why!

Once you reach 65 years of age and beyond, you do not have the patience or amount of time to deal with these issues and your “Green Brain” is easily frustrated by incompetency!

That is why I am

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