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In May, I received the following message in my website email box:

“Do you offer any training programs for facilitating workshops. I am based at the University of South Africa and am running a project on Positive Discipline in Education , together with the National Department of Education, and would love to be able to implement the Brain Colour in our workshops with the children.
Jennifer Roberts Buck

I was thrilled with the message and immediately emailed Jenny. It was exciting to learn about her project and I was curious to know how she learned about What Color Is Your Brain? . Jenny said she also has a “Blue Brain “, so I was not surprised when shared all the details about her project and told me that she discovered my book in the university library. 

Next, we two “Blue Brain Educators” became friends on Facebook. Then we set up a time to chat about collaborating for the August conference in Durban , where Jenny is presenting a workshop on Positive Discipline in Education. The attendees will be a large group of teachers, parents, pupils, the Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of South Africa and the Ministers of Education from the various provinces in South Africa.

A few weeks ago we attempted to Skype each other. However, that did not work. We used Facebook Chat for three hours. I was traveling and Jenny was on vacation, so we did not reconnect for several weeks. Then we made plans to talk again this week. My “Green Brain” had researched a solution on a Skype forum to re-connect with one another. I emailed Jenny the files to and eliminated enable us to connect on Skype, as the forum suggested.

Today, we attempted a Skype conversation. However, it failed. Jenny said that her teenage daughter talks to her American friends on ooVoo. I thought ooVoo was a South African or Zulu term that I was unfamiliar with. We chuckled about my perspective and then I immediately downloaded the ooVoo. It worked and we continued our planning. We could feel our eagerness to share information and collaborate with one another through our computer screens.

Now, our challenge is to develop a What Color Is Your Brain? program that will engage and educate the diverse learners, especially the the 60%-70% of the Zulu parents who are illiterate. I asked Jenny if they would be seated in “Cooperative Learning ” groups. She said “Yes” and they will also have interpreters available to assist with translation.

Our goal is to make each attendee comfortable, help them determine their “Brain Colors” and learn how to transfer and apply what they have learned to their personal and professional lives.

We have a tremendous amount of “Yellow Brain” planning and organization to complete in a few weeks. However, our “Orange Brain” excitement is motivating us toward this remarkable opportunity!

I am most grateful for the technology that has connected Jenny and me;
and our passion to share What Color Is Your Brain? with others in our communities!

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