Sunday was a drizzly day and a perfect opportunity to clean my closet!

I discovered that my Brain Colors could helped tackle the task!

1. I used my “Yellow Brain” to organize the clothes, shoes, belts and purses that I was not going to give away.

2. My “Blue Brain” helped me repeat my friend Michelle’s mantra:
“This____________________ will be a gift and help another woman.

3. I created a new “Green Brain” system to sort the belongs I was giving away to the  WINGS resale shop. WINGS is amazing organization which provides a continuum of integrated services in an effort to end domestic violence and homelessness one family at a time. WINGS helps homeless and abused women and children by offering integrated services that meet their needs for shelter, education, guidance and support. They provide safe, secure living environments, through transitional housing and emergency shelter, in residential neighborhoods that allow women to go to school, work, and care for themselves and their children.

4. My “Orange Brain” enjoyed the physical process of removing article of my closet, I no longer needed, knowing that my donations could be a new, fun and/or comfortable wardrobe solution for some one else.

When I walked into my closet on Monday morning, I felt energized. When I dropped off the boxes from my closet, family books and clothes my grandchildren had outgrown, at the WINGS Resale Shop, I felt a huge sense of gratitude for my life, enjoyment of loving memories about my mother (I donated her furniture and personal belongs to WINGS after she passed away), and joyfulness knowing that I was able to help other women and their families.

Happy Colorful Closet Cleaning!

Sheila N. Glazov
, Author and Personality Type Expert who offers workshop, keynote and training programs.
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