Colorful Calendar Christmas Gift for 2011

If you  are an Orange Brain
last minute shoppers and are looking for a terrific gift that will keep
you organized or help someone else stay organized, I have the perfect
the AnyTime Personal Organizer!

I have had my online AnyTime Personal Organizer (developed by Individual Software) for more than 10 years. My original version was #2. I’m now on version #13 and looking forward to #14 in 2011.

My “Yellow Brain” likes organizing my calendar (day,month, year), contacts, address, notebook, passwords, to-do list and appointments in color categories.

My “Blue Brain” loves the quintessential and responsive customer service that I receive from Matt Moran, Jerry Galindo and Donte Stafford!

My “Green Brain” appreciates having all my information in one place that is easily accessible and can be filtered to meet my business and personal needs.

My “Orange Brain” enjoys the colors because it makes staying organized fun!

I have appointed myself President of the AnyTime Personal Organizer Fan Club.
You can be “Efficiently Green”and order your organizer online today!
I promise that you won’t be disappointed if you join my Colorful Fan Club, too!

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