Color Code Book Rivisions

My “Green Editing Brain” just completed the 4th draft of my revisions for the 2nd edition of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

I have not worked on book revisions in 4 years and I forgot how time consuming they can be. There always are more detailed than you think. It’s a huge “Yellow Brain Commitment”. I glad I enjoy the revision process and find it a creative outlet.  

My husband is my “Green Brain Proof Reader”. Lately, he has been reading a series of World War II history books and this afternoon I told him it is time to give up the war for Princess Shayna’s Kingdom of Kindness.
That will be an interesting switch.

During my revision process I created a color coding system to make sure I had used the appropriate words for each Brain Color village Princess Shayna visits on her Vision Quest.

I used the highlighting tool in Microsoft Word and then copied the words to another document for safe keeping. When I looked at the list, I was delighted to see a remarkable vocabulary list for the teacher curriculum I am developing. 

Hurrah for “Blue Brain Intuition“! The word list also created a check list that I used to make sure I had not repeated any words. It also helped me include more words that significantly describe each Brain Color.

The Ultimate Visual Dictionary and Herder Dictionary of Symbols are two books that have resided in my writing library for many years and have been extremely useful.

Now, it’s time to begin organizing, merging and purging  notes and ideas from my storyboards and honing them into a manageable amount for my “Before You Begin Reading” instructional introduction and other front material.

Cheers for now…

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