College Students’ Brain Colors

Last week, I was gathering research for my new book. I called the owner of
Read Between the Lynes Bookstore, a phenomenal independent bookseller,
in Woodstock, Illinois for her assistance.  

As always, I was most grateful when she offered her
“Blue Brain insight “ and “Green Brain knowledge.”
During the conversation, s
he told me about her daughter,
a freshman in college, and her Brain Color experiment.
I knew her daughter had always enjoyed my Brain Color theory.

I was delighted to learn that she had tested some of her friends,
who also are freshman. 

Below are the “right on the mark” results her daughter generously shared with me.

Yellow: Communications Sciences & Disorders (female)
Yellow: Vocal Performance (male)
Yellow: Biology (male)
Orange: Political Science & History (male)
Orange: History Education (probably switching to Communications) (male)
Green: Mechanical Engineering (male)
Green: Business/Finance (male)
Green: Chemical Engineering (male)
Blue: International Politics & German (female)

Many thank to the “Brainbow College Students!”

Sheila N. Glazov, Author and Personality Type Expert who offers workshop, keynote and training programs.
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