Clues to Solve An Environmental Mystery

Change in the Weather

Last Thursday, I posted a message on my all social media sites abut the temperature going up to 25 degrees, in Chicago, snow was falling, the sun was shining, and the robins were swarming all over our snow covered trees. The sparrows were also flying around our home and resting on the snow covered tree branches. I wondered if the birds were thinking it is spring.

Mystery Solved

After talking to several bird experts, we think we solved the mystery. The birds were sense the snowstorm that devastated Texas and areas in the southern United States and  were flying away before it hits. Robins, chickadees, and sparrows were sensing the unusual environmental change and headed home to safety and comfort in the familiar Chicagoland environment.

How Brain Colors Can Change and Thrive

Just like the birds, people want to avoid uncomfortable and/or dangerous environments. We want to thrive in safe, comfortable, and familiar environments. Below is a list of the four Brain Colors and the different types of environments that can facilitate change and solve the mystery of environmental change for your personality type.  This information is excerpted from is from Chapter 14 – You Can Change Your Brain Color in my book, which is entitled: What Color Is Your Brain?®: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others.

Yellow Brainers can change and thrive in a:

  • Yellow, well-organized situation.
  • Blue situation that encourages a traditional, family-type atmosphere.
  • Green situation that maintains systematic routine.
  • Orange situation that has a game plan.

Blue Brainers can change and thrive in a:

  • Blue environment that is friendly.
  • Yellow environment that has day care for their children.
  • Green environment that appreciates their authenticity.
  • Orange environment that acknowledges their social contributions to the group.

Green Brainers can change and thrive in a:

  • Green setting that is efficient.
  • Yellow setting that values consistent quality.
  • Blue setting with smart people.
  • Orange “virtual” setting that requires no meetings.

Orange Brainers can change can change and thrive in an:

  • Orange climate that is stimulating and high-spirited.
  • Yellow climate that provides an opportunity for physical activity.
  • Green climate that values direct responses.
  • Blue climate that encourages imagination.

Closing Question

What type of environment helps your Brain Color personality change and thrive?


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  1. Terri Hart on February 23, 2021 at 8:10 pm

    I like my environment tidy. Not comfortable with change. I had a very good, very smart friend. I loved talking with him, because he was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known. He died , recently, unexpectedly. I think, of him, daily. Had minor surgery yesterday and wanted to talk to him and he wasn’t there. I have little patience with people who aren’t smart and questioning. With Carls Alzheimer’s and Covid I’m lonely. Can’t do volunteer work because of Covid. Where ever I am I have a need to straighten things. My green brain rambles. My environment doesn’t accept change well.

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