Clean Windows Metaphors

We’ve been attempting to have our windows cleaned. However, with all the rain it has been a challenge. Yesterday, between thunderstorms Rob Martens, owner of Clarity Plus Window Cleaning Service, arrived at our home to clean the windows and screens.

I love the “Blue Brain”metaphors for having clean windows.
Below are just a few:
1. Clear vision
2. A sparkling perspective
3. An unobstructed view
4. Clear out the dirt and clutter
5. Nothing blocking your line of vision to see what you need to
6. Enables you to see the world differently
7. Open and brighten your life
8. “Clarity plus” a happy outlook

Please, leave a comment about your favorite “Clean Windows” metaphor!

Sorry, Rob doesn’t have a website, but you can reach him at: 815/675-3183.

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