Christmas Cactus & Children’s Book Blooming

Ten years ago, I gave my mother a peach colored Christmas Cactus to keep at her bedside. She was in hospice care and I knew the colorful plant would bring her joy and make her smile. Peach was her favorite color and she was a master gardener who loved any kind of plant.

After my mother passed away, I brought the the cactus home. I am often name the plants and trees in my home and gardens. I named the cactus “Sylvia”  in honor of my mother. The cactus is a lovely representation of her Elegant, Colorful, Unique, Hardy, Dependable and Generous attributes.

For the past 10 years, “Sylvia” has normally bloomed in late October or early November. This year she bloomed in early October right after my publisher told me he would publish the 2nd edition of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. I considered it a sign that my life would be blooming.

In February, just after my birthday, I was surprised to see that “Sylvia” was growing new blossoms. A Christmas Cactus usually blooms once a year.

I was leaving for Florida to work on Princess Shayna’s Gift Givers Guide with my friend, Michelle, for 10 days, and I was concerned that I would miss the blossoms. To my delight and surprise, “Sylvia” waited to bloom profusely until I returned home.

“Sylvia” has continued to blossom for the past 2 months and so has Princess Shayna. I am excited about the new Princess Shayna website, Facebook Fan page and
beautiful illustrations, delightful re-connections with people from Princess Shayna’s past and extraordinary opportunities for the future.

There is no logical explanation for this phenomenon. However, people who have lost a loved say they receive signs and/or messages that their loved ones are still with them and think of them as watchful angels. My “Blue Brain and Heart” considers the blossoms as an encouraging and loving message from my mother to keep blooming beyond my normal possibilities!

What signs or messages have you received in your life?

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