Children’s Musical Premier Performance for Bully Prevention Month in only 10 days!

Counting down to only 10 more days until the premier performance of The invisible Visible Gift. This delightfully engaging musical theater adaptation of my children’s book, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift is part of the Broadway Theatre’s Educational Series, which will begin in October for National Bully Prevention Month.

The musical will be produced and directed by the highly acclaimed playwright and actor, Chuck Bennett, a.k.a “Mr. Malcolm”. The performance will highlight many of the meaningful messages from my book: Bully Prevention- Recognizing your self-worth- Valuing your capabilities –  Appreciating differences – Dealing with life’s challenges.

In the musical, Shayna, a modern-day middle school student, can’t find a place to fit in at her school. The Yellow Brain Student Council, Blue Brain Drama Club, Green Brain Math Club, and Orange Brain Cheerleading Team all turn her away, causing her to doubt her self-worth. Her principal recommends a book that might help, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

As Shayna reads the book, she becomes Princess Shayna of the Kingdom of Kindness who must go on a quest to bring harmony to her future kingdom. The kingdom is divided, and Princess Shayna must visit the contentious villages that have distinct Brain Color strengths and idiosyncrasies and help the villagers realize they can learn to respect each others’ differences and work together.

During her travels the princess encounters villains that try to stop her from completing her quest. Back in school, Shayna is able to see that the story’s “villains” are similar to the bullies she has experienced at school. By relating the book to her own life, she is able to recognize that we each have our own Praiseworthy Gifts. This helps her feel comfortable in school and accept others who are different, and she, in turn, is accepted by her schoolmates.

Broadway Theater Marque blogIf you, or someone you, know lives in the South Jersey or Philadelphia, area you or they will not want to miss this musical performance at the Braodway Theatre and find out how Shayna’s life changes!

Schools and other groups should contact Jenifer Neiswender to reserve seats. Jenifer can be reached at 609-647-3137 or by email

PS & WF #2 edited book trailer


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    I’m so proud of and excited for YOUUUUUUUUU!

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