Children’s Fairy Tale Book & Musical Address Bully Behavior

In the 2nd edition of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift I felt it was critical to include a section about dealing with Bully Behavior. When Princess Shayna visits each of the four villages in the Kingdom of Kindness I included the following paragraph.

“Adults are accountable for teaching children the difference between _________ manners and unacceptable behavior when they are not feeling good about themselves at home, school, or in the village,” White Falcon said. “Each child learns the How to Treat Others Principles: Do not frighten, embarrass, threaten or push and shove others, and do not be mean and hurt another villager’s feelings by making fun of their ideas, excluding them from parties or games, talking behind their backs, taking their toys or books, or calling them nasty names.”

However, the adjective that describes manners changes for each village:

In the Village of the Yellow Sunflower the children are taught correct manners.

In the Village of the Blue Forget-Me-Nots the children are taught considerate manners.

In the Village of the Green Healing Herbs the children are taught fair-minded manners.

In the village of the Orange Tiger Lilies the children are taught open-minded manners.

Each adjective is appropriate for the corresponding Brain Color behavior of that village.

Last Friday, when I watch the Princess Shayna Musical rehearsal I was thrilled to see that director Kim Woycke and the middle school cast members included that paragraph in the scenes for each of the villages. On Monday, I sent Kim an email thanking her including the Bully Behavior in the scenes. Below is Kim amazing response from her and the cast members:

“I am glad you noticed the bullying paragraph.  I know that you had mentioned that was an extremely important message that you wanted to make sure we included, so I was happy to do so.  (Plus, the actors and I agree that it is always important to speak out against bullying.)”

It is exciting and gratifying to know that the Princess Shayan’s Invisible Visible Gift book and musical continue teach children valuable life skills lessons!

How do you teach the children in your life how to deal with Bully Behavior?

Sarah Spundah
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