Children’s Book Teaches Communication Skills and Respect For Others!

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Valuable Communiction Skills

My “Family Fairy Tale” which is entitled Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift was written for children, teachers, and parents and to teach communication skills and respect for others

What Do Children Learn?

Children discover the valuable lessons to respect people’s differences and similiarities, and achieve cooperation and understanding to get a long with others.

Princess Shayna’s Journey to the 4 Villages

This is understanding is accomplied when the children read about Princess Shayna’s journey to the 4 Village in the Kingdom of Kindness. The 4 Villages, which are the villeges of the Yellow Sunflowers, Blue Forget-Me-Nots, Green Healing Herbs, and Orange Tiger Lililes, represent the 4 Brain Color Personalities!

For Brain Color Personalities

The 4 Brain Colors are:

✦ The Yellow Brain children and adults are Responsible, Respectful, Accountable, and Dependable

✦ The Blue Brain children and adults are Helpful, Creative, Thoughtful and Trustworthy.

✦ The Green Brain children and adults are Competent, Logical, Curious, and Knowledgeable.

✦ The Orange Brain children and adults are Spontaneous, Fun-loving, Skillful, and Good Negotiators.

Closing Thought

Remember this Princess Shayna Lesson: Every child and/or adult wants to feel Loved, Safe, and Encouraged within a Trustworthy, Home, School, and/or Community Environment!

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