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Yesterday morning, I presented a most enjoyable What Color Is Your Brain Workshop at the Barrington Bank and Trust, hosted by Sheila Schwartz, the director of Platinum Adventures for the bank.

When I returned home I sat down to read the paper and have bite of lunch. Jordan had taken the Book Section out of the Chicago Tribune for me. He knows that always is the first section I read on Saturday. When I turned to the back page, I notice a familiar face next to an announcement about Michele Weldon,
a women and writer I have admired for many years, and beneath a photo of Barbara Walters
Pretty good company!!!!

I was featured in the “Upcoming Events” for the
Little City Used Book Sale. Liz Kores, the PR consultant
for the Book Sale, had told me she was placing the
announcement. I thrilled to see that the paper had published
the information about the exciting Book Sale. Over 200,000
books are for sale, from June 6th-June 15th at the Westfield
Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, to raise funds for the 
Little City Foundation! The foundation helps children and
adults with mental retardation and other developmental,
emotional and/or behavioral challenges live meaningful
and happy lives with dignity and respect.


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