Chaotic Garbage and Harmonious Gifts

Last night, my husband Jordan and I used ourYellow Brain attributes to organize boxes and take more of our “Flood Garbage” out to the end of our driveway for the Waste Management pick-up this morning.

Have you ever noticed that when you clear out your home or office, new and exciting events or people come into your life?

I have amazingly discovered that a disturbance or a chaotic environment is replaced by comfort and harmony!

Norma Leheier Hartie explains this energetic change in her award winning book Harmonious Environments.

One of my personal Blue Brain Mantras that I enjoy sharing with others is:
“If you are aware the gifts are there!”

I am sure there will be a variety of gifts to share and enjoy, now that our home is becoming more harmonious, even with the repairs we will have to accommodate in the near future.


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