Celebrating “Thanksnukah” With Our Family!

Thanksgiving Celebration

Jordan and I are delighted that we can host our traditional family Thanksgiving celebration in our home, this year!

Chanukah Celebration

This year Chanukah begins on Sunday, November 28 and ends in the evening of Monday, December 6.

A “Thanksnukah” Celebration

Since both holiday are so close together we have decided to double the joy and fun of being with our family members to celebrate both holidays together. My Creative Blue Brain created “Thanksnukah”, since Thanksgiving is first with Chanukah following 3 days later.

Traditional Foods

I will be making my tradtional foods for Thanksgiving. However, I will be making Potato Latkes, instead of mashed potatoes. For desert I will be baking a multitude of my maternal grandmothers delicious butter cookie in Chanukah shapes (Dreidels and Stars of David) with blue sprinkles. Click this link for the recipe. Each family member will also have a little bag of Chanukah Gelt at their place at the table.

My Brain Color Personalty Perspectives

All my Brain Colors have a different perspectives about celebrating “Thanksnukah”!
My Yellow Brain Personality enjoys planning for our celebration.
My Blue Brain Personality loves being with my family members.
My Green Brain Personaltity liked solving the problem of the two holidays so close together.
My Orange Brain Personality is looking forward to a fun-filled celebration.

Closing Thoughts

My Blue Brain is most grateful that our family will joyfully celebrate Thanksgiving and Chanukah together!
Wishing my all readers, who celebrate Thanksgiving, a Safe, Peaceful, and Joy-filled Holiday! 


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