Celebrating my best-selling book’s 13 birthday & 20th printing in 2020!

This year is my book’s 13th birthday! What Color Is Your Brain?® was published in 2007.

Last Wednesday, I spoke with Stephanie Portnoy, Senior Vice President, Health Care Books and Journals, and Mary Sasso, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at SLACK Incorporated about a new book project.

Before we concluded our call, I asked Stephanie how many printings of WCIYB?® have been produced. I was delighted to learn that in 2020, WCIYB?® is in the 20th printing. I was thrilled when Stephanie told me that the WCIYB?® sells over 2,000 books a year.

My research discovered that the average U.S. nonfiction book sells less than 250 copies per year and less than 2,000 copies over its lifetime.

Wow! I am grateful that WCIYB?® is selling exceptionally well! People still are fascinated with my fun and fascinating approach to understanding themselves and others! I am honored that it is a best-selling book and remains helpful to so many people professionally and personally!

I hope you will enjoy the following Brain Color Book Buyer Tips:

Yellow Brainers book buyers like: History, bestsellers, religion

Blue Brainers book buyers like: Biography, self-help, inspirational

Green  Brainers book buyers like: Technology, mysteries, crossword puzzles

Orange Brainers book buyers: Sports, “how to…”, adventures

Please added your review for WCIYB?® to all the grand reviews on Amazon.  I would be most grateful for your time and kind words.


More news about my new book project!



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