Celebrating Life with Family Traditions

Today, my blog post is going to be very short. I am busy planning and preparing a family celebration dinner for our son, Noah.

Yesterday, Noah who is a Blue/Orange Brain signed the contract for his new job and gave notice to his employer.

It has always been our Glazov Family Tradition to celebrate exciting accomplishments, no matter how large or small:
A role  in the school play, winning a ski race or a wrestling match, getting a good grade on difficult test, moving into a new home, getting a drivers license, leaving or coming home from over night camp, completing a difficult school project, welcoming a new cat or dog into our family, etc.

To  quote the lyrics from the song  To Life  from the musical  Fiddler on the Roof
“Here’s to our prosperity. Our good health and happiness. And most important,”
To life, to life, l’chaim!

We will not be toasting with schnapps, but with our traditional sparkling fruit juice and many of Noah’s favorite foods.

Got to scoot and take Noah’s favorite lemon bars out of the oven!


What  family traditions do your have to celebrate exciting moments in your life?

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