Celebrate Weirdness and Creativity

For the past several days, I have enjoyed creating a What Color Is Your “Leadership” Brain? Workshop workbook.

Rittenhouse Book Distributors is hosting the workshop for the Follett Medical Bookstore Managers n October. The managers will discover and determine their Brain Colors and then learn how to Wonder Web (my term for Mind Mapping ) as a Creative Problem Solving tool for their Brain Color Group Activity.

My “Blue Brain” likes to include poetry in workbooks for pleasure and to reinforce the ideas and/or facts I am presenting. I also encourage attendees to share the poems with their co-workers and family members. 

While I was searching my Creativity Poetry folder, I re-read a poem I have had for years that encourages the reader to “celebrate weirdness”. There are many definitions for weirdness and my favorite is FANTASTIC.

I trust the poem will encourage you, the child in you and the children in your life to:

To My Children
By Laura Bernstein

Celebrate Weirdness!
Wine it and Dine it,
Design it to fit the occasion.
Rise to it.
Deny those who try to decry it
with scornful remarks and limited vision.

Elevate Eccentricity!
Beware the constricting, confining,
conventional congress of head shakers,
heartbreakers, nay sayers, soul slayers.
Dare to be Different.
Delight in it, Heighten it,
Make it your home.

Applaud Anomalies!
Anchor your ship in the
singular sea of uncertainty,
savor the strangeness.
Arrange bliss in whimsical patterns;
Irregular, quirky, quiet, murky
to those who are closed
to outlandish enchantments.

Cultivate Nonconformity!
Be weirdly wise with each enterprise.
Shrink from stale definitions and
pale reflections and pallid convictions.
Relish exotic delicacies of expanded views.
Tempt your palate with spicy spaciousness.

Celebrate Weirdness!
Walk in the wide path of surprises.
Hope rises above the horizon of
those who despise it;
who narrowly cut down to size
every dream seeking, scheme speaking
lover of magic.

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