Celebrate National Nurses Week and Discover Nurses’ “Patient Care” Brain Color Personalities!

Nurses week thank you for alll you do May 2016Tomorrow, Friday, May 6th, is the first day of  National Nurse Week. The celebration to honor our dedicated and skilled health professionals concludes on May 12th, which is Florence Nightingale’s 195th birthday!

I am delighted and honored to be part of the Edward J. Hines VA Hospital Nurses Week Celebration. On Monday, May 9th, I will be presenting a What Color Is Your “Patient Care” Brain?® Program for the dedicated and skilled nursing staff.

Last November, I presented a What Color Is Your “Health Care Professional” Brain?®  for the Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury team at Hines, VA. Now, I am thrilled to be returning to Hines, VA to work with the more extraordinary staff members!

My Blue Brain and Heart feel it is a unique privilege to return to Hines VA Hospital where my uncle, Dr. Louis B. Newman, a pioneer and a founding father of physical medicine became the chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation services after he served as a commander in the in the United States Navy during World War II. As a mechanical engineer and a physician, my Uncle Lou combined his knowledge and skills to develop rehabilitation practices, therapies, and prosthetics, including a prototype for the Oldsmobile Car Company with the gas pedal and brake on the steering column for disabled veterans, who had lost the use of their legs. The photo on the above, which was taken in October 1948, pictures my Uncle Lou and the nurses who worked in his   department, which was the first model for other physical medicine and rehabilitation departments. I have lovely childhood memories of accompanying my uncle on his personal/social visits with the veterans and walks to the outdoor aviary on the hospital campus.

Below are examples of  the Nurses’ “Patient Care” Brain Color Strengths and Perspective from What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients:

Yellow Brain “Structured” Nurses are dedicated to their patients, are accountable with their co-workers, and communicate in a direct manner.

Blue Brain “Communicative” Nurses are good listener with their patients, are trustworthy toward their co-workers, and communicate in a inspirational manner. 

Green Brain “Efficient” Nurses are objective with their patients, like to work alone, and communicate in a precise manner.

Orange Brain “Quick to Respond” Nurses are encouraging with their patients, are energizing toward their co-workers, and communicate in an informal manner.

Personally, I could never offer enough Blue Brain Gratitude to our son’s diabetes nurse educators who, in November of 1985, offered Joshua and our family exceptional patient and family member care, life-saving knowledge, and the crucial skills we needed to learn how to live with the every-day challenges of T1D (Type 1 Diabetes)!

I also want to offer a Huge Blue “Thank You!” all the remarkable nurses who wrote insightful and inspiring stories for my What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring For Patients book.

Take a moment to think about the nurse or nurses who have cared for you, your family members and/or your friends. Call them, send them an email, or letter and let them know you are thankful for the care they responsibly, thoughtfully, skillfully, and generously offered!


jumping for joyAttendees at your next meeting or conference will be showering you with praise and gratitude and jumping for joy because you scheduled a beneficial and dynamic What Color Is Your Brain?® Program, which they enjoyed! I will delighted to help you plan your Bountiful Brain Color Event! Send you email message to: sheila@sheilaglazov.com.

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