Celebrate A Happy Administrative Professionals Day and Week!

Administrative Professionals Day

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 21st is Administrative Professionals Day. It is a day observed yearly in a small number of countries. This day is not a public holiday. However, in some countries, it falls within Administrative Professionals Week.


Admin Professionals Day has been celebrated since 1952. Then is was referred to as  when Secretary’s Day and was  part of National Secretaries Week, promoted by the National Secretaries Association that was founded in 1942. In 2000, the celebration has been referred to as Administrative Professionals Day. Now it is part of Administrative Professionals Week, which is celebrated during the last  full week of every April.

Who Is Recognized?

The day recognizes the work of administrative assistants, secretaries, executive assistants, personal assistants, receptionists, client services representatives, and other administrative support professionals.

Gifts For The Celebrated

Usually administrative professionals are celebrated with personal gifts of flowers, cards, candy, chocolates, and/or lunches.

The Little Canary

The following story is featured in my original What Color Is Your Brain?® book in the Chapter 8 – Your Relationships with

During a teambuilding workshop for a national real estate company, it was evident that the Orange Brain brokers agitated the Yellow Brain administrative assistants (“admins”). The admins’ spokesperson said, “We’re misunderstood and unappreciated. The brokers do not value timeliness, they mock our organizational requirements, and they are clueless about the admins’ needs.”

The brokers’ spokesperson said, “We’re concerned with getting the results we need, not the procedures that are connected to someone else’s schedule.”

After lunch, a Yellow Brain admin, who had been an English teacher in a previous career, read the following poem to the workshop participants.

We Yellow people are feeling very Blue,
Because of all the nasty things that were said about us.
We’re Green with envy over all the positive attributes the rest of you seem to have.
Now, Orange you ashamed of yourselves for putting us down?
Signed,  Joan Fessler Sweet, Nurturing, Intelligent, Fun-loving Little Canary

Administrative Assistants’ Brain Colors

Below are examples of  (Admins) Administrative Assistants’ Brain Colors:
Yellow Brain Admins are Organized, Practical, and Serious
Blue Brain Admins are Compassionate, Easy going, and Genuine
Green Brain Admins are Thorough, Focused, and Reasonable
Orange Brain Admins are Ingenious, Energetic, and Self-starters

Closing Thoughts

You and your Administrative Assistant may not be working in the office because of COVID. However, a thoughtful acknowledgement of his or her fine work would be appreciated!



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