Can 4 Brain Colors Personalities and 5 Different Generations Interact Successfully in the Workplace?

Recently, I have been researching how the 4 Brain Colors and the 5 Generations can successfully collaborate, communicate and build rapport in the workplace.

Below is a list of the  5 different generations:

  • Traditionalists, War Babies, Silent: Born 1925-1945
  • Baby Boomers: 1946-1964
  • Gen X: 1965-1976
  • Gen Y (Millenials): 1977-1995
  • Gen Z (iGen, Nexters, linksters): 1996 and after

To avoid generational misunderstandings between leaders, managers, co-workers, customers, clients, and possibly family members in the workplace, it is beneficial to recognize and understand what each generation values.

  • Traditionalists, Silent Generation, or War Babies value hard work, respect for authority, commitment, responsibility, and appreciate deferential customer service and care.
  • Baby Boomers value loyalty, traditions, respect for ones’ reputation, security, and appreciate considerate customer service and care
  • Generation X individuals value caution, inquiry, taking care of themselves, and appreciate receiving good customer service and care for their money.
  • Generation Y individuals value confidence, optimism, communication, involvement, responsiveness, and appreciate pragmatic customer service and care.Gen Z,
  • iGen, Nexters, or linksters value technology, are accustomed to diversity, are not concerned about privacy and appreciate immediate customer service and care. Because of their age, their workplace could be after school or during school vacations

I am confident that the Brain Color personality attributes and abilities significantly influence the different generations perspective in the workplace and how they can work together to be successful. If individuals differ because of their generation and are the same Brain Color Personality Type, they can collaborate efficiently and communicate effectively to be successful.


However, if individuals from different generations are not the same Brain Color Type Personality they will find difficulty working together and understanding the other person’s perspective. Below are a few examples.

A Yellow Brain Traditionalist will find difficulty collaborating with an Orange Brain Gen Z because the Traditionalist needs a plan to make a decision and the Gen Z likes towing it.”


A Blue Brain Baby Boomer will find difficulty collaborating with a Green Gen X because the Boomer needs to talk about options and the Gen X needs to gather all the facts to make a decision.


An  Orange Gen X will find difficulty collaborating with a Yellow Boomer because the Gen X likes virtual meetings and the Boomer wants face-to-face meetings to make a decision.


A Blue Gen Z will find difficulty collaborating with a Green Gen Y because the Gen Z is concerned about how the decision impacts the employees and the Gen Y is focused the problem-solving, not the people.


Understanding the generational differences and the Brain Color approach helps individuals avoid misunderstandings and build communication, cooperation, and successful relationship in the workplace. The following 4  Generational Tips to help you:

1. Recognize and be flexible about what each generation values, even if what they value is different from what you regard as valuable.
2. Do not judge a generation by their appearance, get to know who they are and discover their Brain Color personality.
3. Keep an open mind about diversity, generational attitudes, and Brain Color behaviors.
4. Adapt and modify your Brain Color approach to accommodate and communicate with the different generations.

Now, you know how to help the 4 Brain Colors Personalities and 5 Different Generations interact successfully in the workplace!



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  1. George on February 22, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Baby Boomers: Don’t forget this generation thrived on Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll–Before we fizzled:-)

    • sheila on February 23, 2017 at 4:53 pm

      Skipper, thank you for your contribution. Glad I am a War Baby that is still thriving on Yoga, Gluten Free Food, and Rides on our Harley! 🙂 <3

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