My Broken Leg Is Celebrating International Yoga Day!

Today is International Yoga Day and my “Healing Broken Leg” joyfully celebrated the worldwide event by attending my Joints and Glands Yoga Class at Silver Lotus Yoga, this morning.

I have been practicing Yoga for over 25 years. The physical, emotional, and mental benefits have contributed to my healthy and energetic body, mind, and spirit.

Eleven months ago, I broke my right tibia. Today, my “Healing Broken Leg” is completely healed. However, the soft tissue around my knee is still healing. I attended superb physical therapy and myofacial release sessions at Red Rock Therapy & Wellness for several months. However, when I was finally able to attend  Yoga classes my Blue Brain and Heart felt like myself again! I was most grateful that I could drive myself to class, follow along and move into the poses, and get up and down from my yoga mat easily, and increase my breath work that is calming and beneficial!  I attend 4 to 5 classes a week (restorative, chair, joints and glands, and Kundalini). I also practice at home on the weekends and when I travel (I take my yoga mat with me or I do chair yoga in the hotel room.) I am seeing a tremendous improvement in my mobility and strength in my leg and knee.

You might be wondering why my “Brainbow” personality enjoys and benefits from my yoga practice and classes. Below are my Brain Color answers:
My Yellow Brain likes the organization of my yoga practice and daily schedule.
My Blue Brain loves the friendship, sharing, caring, and encouragement of my fellow yogis.
My Green Brain appreciates the precise scientific facts about yoga.
My Orange Brain enjoys the movement and fun of sharing the class with other yogis.

Below is a list of The Benefits of Yoga from the  American Osteopathic Association, which you might find interesting and helpful:
• Lessen chronic pain (such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome)
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduce insomnia
• Increased flexibility
• Increased muscle strength and tone
• Improved respiration, energy and vitality
• Maintaining a balanced metabolism
• Cardio and circulatory health
• Improved athletic performance
• Protection from injury
• Weight reduction

Make every day a celebration of your good health—take a yoga class! Namaste! 

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