Brain Color Tips to Make Your Summer Vacation Fun, not Frustrating!

It’s summer! Time to take a Vacation! School is out for the summer and families and individual are ready to relax and have some fun.

It is time for you to think about your  Brain Color vacation. Are you going to travel with with the soap opera cast members or magazine models?

Now is the time for an unforgettable opportunity to examine your “color-filled” relationships with your traveling companions.

Below is the vacation section of Chapter 9 – Your Relationships With Family Members and Friends in my What Color Is Your Brain?® book.

Yellow Brainers arrange for well-planned vacations. If they do not want to hire a guide or participate in a tour, they will do their homework ahead of time, plan the entire trip, and become the tour guide. Their family vacations are scheduled each year at the same time and the same place, such as a summer cottage or resort. Suitcases are prepared in advance. They also enjoy all-inclusive destinations that have planned activities for the children, as well as for themselves. If it is a driving trip, they have checked with AAA and purchased every map they will need for route A and alternative route B. They know the location of, and have a schedule for, every rest, fuel, or food stop and point of interest.

Blue Brainers love reunions with family members, close friends, classmates and neighbors, as well as nature trips. They enjoy helping everyone get all their belongings ready and packed for their time together. Vacations are opportunities to share time with everyone they love. Since their pets are part of the family, they take them along and stay in accommodations that are advertised as pet friendly. They enjoy a homey atmosphere where they can chat with the proprietor and other guests in small inns, bed & breakfasts, or campsites. On a driving trip, they like to stop along the way to spend time with friends or family members. They love scenic spots where they can capture their memories, which will be set to music on a DVD or made into a scrapbook when they return home.

Green Brainers prefer to travel on their own or with a small group of individuals who share the same interest in what they are going to experience. They enjoy investigatory or educational tours of significant historic events, museums, and ruins of ancient civilizations or locations where they can acquire work-related information. If they are visiting a foreign country, they will learn to speak the language and study the guidebooks to become familiar with the culture and customs. They have a system for packing their suitcases and only pack the essentials. They like to stay in accommodations that can give them the privacy and/or the technology they require or desire. They do their research and impart detailed facts and figures to their traveling companions about points of interest on their journey, which they have located and downloaded into their navigational global positioning system (GPS).

The Orange Brainers love spontaneity and variety for their vacations. They find unfamiliar or exotic places and meeting new people exciting. Sporting trips such as helicopter skiing, crewing on a sailboat, whitewater rafting, or going on an African safari are at the top of their list. They find it advantageous to do Yellow Brain planning to have the right equipment and reservations for their activities at the destination, even if it means ignoring other people’s plans. Shopping for and purchasing the sporting equipment is almost as much fun as the vacation. Their accommodations do not have to be fancy; however, if they have the means, they will spend the money for the best. A spur of the moment trip or short weekend getaway is the perfect escape from the boredom of their daily routine. They will get in the car and continue driving until they find a place that looks interesting or entertaining. Rest and relaxation are a significant part of their vocabulary and a requirement to recover from their frantic fun.

I hope these Brain Color Tips will help to make your Summer Vacation Fun, not Frustrating!

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