Brazilian Project Managers Celebrate “What Color Is Your Brain?”!

A group of Brazilian Project Managers recently enjoyed celebrating What Color Is Your Brain?® and Carnival!

My Brazilian friend Ayrton Silva, PMP, who is a certified project manager, project management consultant, speaker, and professor, sent me the following email message,
I finished teaching another Project Management class and had the chance to teach about WCIYB®. They loved it, as usual. I send you some photos from that.

Previously, I posted about Ayrton’s September Project Management Class. Read my Exciting What Color Is Your Brain? Workshops in Brazil! blog post on September 24, 2019.

Ayrton uses the Brazilian edition of What Color Is Your Brain?® in his classes.

Below are comments from three of the students from Ayrton’s Project Management class:

“Yesterday, I finished Ayrton’s course, where he addressed his brain color technique. I work with peace-building dialogue circles, I intend to apply the knowledge learned in order to improve the interpersonal relationship of the work team. Thank you!” Claudia

“This week, I took part in a PROJECT MANAGEMENT training with Ayrton Silva, where the brain color technique was presented, which made me think about the countless possibilities of the application. I am a Civil Engineer and I work on construction sites where the risk of accidents is always very high and I envisioned countless possibilities of applying the method to avoid a good number of accidents, because the cause, in 92%, of accidents originates in the human being. Of course, there is a need for a theoretical deepening on the subject, but I am very excited. Congratulations on the wonderful work you have done.” Ricardo

“I’m Simone and was in the last Ayrton Silva’s class. He teaches us about your colors technique, what I personally loved.” Simone

How do you think your Brain Colors would help you manage your professional and/or personal projects? 

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