BrainBuzz Newsletter Tips for Halloween, Classroom Activities, and Saying “No!”

No Halloween Tricks, just Treats in my October BrainBuzz Newsletter!

Read about the “Fantastic” Broadway Premier of The Invisible Visible Gift for Bully Prevention Month. A Yellow Brain detailed recap of my exciting dream come true.

Learn how you can use the Teacher’s Activity Guide for “Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift”  in your classroom. Use your Blue Brain to share this extensive resource with the teachers or home school parents that you know.  

Discover how to use all your Brain Colors to say “No!”. With the stress of the holiday season upon us, I trust you will find these ideas helpful. On a personal note, my cousin Stanley just sent me an email, which reminded me that my Green/Yellow Brain Father, who never minced words and was always direct in his approach, would have said, “H*ll No!”  I instantly began to laugh as funny forgotten memories of my father flooded my Blue Brain. (Thank you, Stanley!)

Trick or Treat Brain Colors Tips for Halloween. Your Orange Brain will have a different “Brainbow” perspective after you read this entertaining information.

Have fun reading my October BrainBuzz Newsletter!

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