BrainBuzz Newsletter & Superb Customer Service

My April Brain Buzz Newsletter was sent out this morning. However, it never would have happened without the SUPERB Customer Service from
four Go-Daddy team members.

I was having some problems and sent an email cry for help to Raj Nijjer, who is team leader of the email marketing product. Raj promptly responded and  said, “You will get a call soon… Thank you for apprising me and I apologize for any inconvenience, we can and will do better.”

A few minutes later I received a call, not from just one team member, but three! Tani, Stephanie, and Jeff were on a conference call to solve my problems. I was delighted the Tani and Stephie were on the call, because they had helped me in the past, and quickly learned that Jeff was equally as helpful.

I cannot say enough about the extraordinary assistance, time, patience, knowledge and customer service I always receive from Go-Daddy. Of course, my Blue Brain has developed lovely relationships through all the years I have used the Go-Daddy services. I have met many delightful people and I have enjoyed participating in several Go-Daddy focus groups. When I have an opportunity, I always recommend Go-Daddy products and services.

At the end of the phone call, my Green Brain problem solving abilities had risen to a higher level. Hurrah! I was able to complete my newsletter and schedule it’s deliver for early this morning.
The April BrainBuzz includes 4 articles about:
1. The Princess Shayna Musical performance date and past blog entries
2. A 4th grade Enrichment Class reading Princess Shayna and the results of their Brain Color surveys
3. How the different hue of your Brain Color and your environment can change
4. Sharing our Glazov Family celebrations, planting trees, and how I can help you and your business, school or organization grow and prosper by presenting a customized, energizing and beneficial What Color Is Your Brain?® Program.

Happy Brainday!

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