Brain Color Workshops in Libraries and South Africa

I’m so excited that I had to share the message I just received from my, Jenny Buck, my colleague from the University of South Africa . I wrote about Jenny in a precious post on July 28th entitled Connecting on Facebook, Skype and ooVoo.

“Hi Sheila. Just to let you know we held a BC training session with members of the Department of Education today – they were blown away and are now so enthusiastic – they want the program rolled out to as many schools as possible. We are all set up for tomorrow’s workshop – I must just finalize my PowerPoint presentation and then collapse into bed – its a very early start in the morning and a long day ahead. Thanks for all the support – I really appreciate it.

As I wrote about in my previous post, tomorrow, Jenny is presenting her workshop at the PRIDE conference in Durban . I can hardly wait to hear from her! 

It’s been a busy time for What Color Is Your Brain? workshop in libraries and South Africa. This week, I presented a WCIYB workshop at the Green Hills Public Library . Diana Koepp, Program Coordinator  library program director wrote me lovely testimonial letter:
“As promised, it was a fun, energetic evening. Sheila’s enthusiasm was contagious and held the audience in anticipation of the next “color” that she would reveal.  Many audience members were so interested that they immediately purchased signed copies of the book to learn more about their brain colors and those of friends, colleagues and loved ones.  The discussion during the program was lively, informative and humorous.”

Next week, I will be presenting at the Woodridge Public Library . The program director said they already have 35 people signed up. That’s huge attendance for a library and she said their should be reservations this week. I trust that that patrons will and program director will be as pleased, as last week.

As I said in my September Brain Buzz Newsletter,
“If I had not become an educator, I would have been a librarian. Two of
my favorite places to visit and speak are bookstores and libraries.”

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