Brain Color Tips to Help You Recognize and Relieve Stressful Situations in Your Life!

The internet, social media, newspapers, and radio programs provide us with news, which affects our professional and business lives. For some people, news provides information and entertainment. However, for others, the news can also create stressful situations.  How individuals respond to stressful situations differs because of their personality type. Understanding their Brain Color behavior help people decrease the stress and increase the harmony, relaxation, and enjoyment in their lives.

Yellow Brainers value orderliness and need to know what is expected of them. They become stressed if their plans are disrupted or they have to deal with disorganization. When frustrated they worry and may become rigid and/or self-righteous about their ideas. To relieve their stress Yellow Brainers need to schedule time to take a break from responsibilities, which to help them relax and enjoy life more.

Blue Brainers need to spend time with family and friends and desire a peaceful lifestyle. Lack of cooperation stresses them, and they must talk about their upset. If they are frustrated they may become disheartened and emotionally overwhelmed about a situation. To relieve their stress Blue Brainers need to call a family member or friend setting a date to spend time together, which will help them relax and enjoy life more.

Green Brainers are reserved individuals who require “alone time,” especially when they are thinking about how to solving a problem. They stress out when dealing with incompetency. When frustrated they emotionally withdraw from others and may become condescending. To relieve their stress Green Brainers need to prioritize their private time without interruptions, which will help them relax and enjoy life.

Orange Brainers are fun-loving dynamos who thrive on adventure and taking risks. Their greatest stressor is someone else’s rules, which they think they do not have to follow. They become frustrated easily and physically “drop out” and will “pout” when they feel restricted.To relieve their stress Orange Brainers need to participate in some type of physical activity or take a quick weekend get-away, which will help them relax and enjoy life more.

Green Brainers and Yellow Brainers have an “I need to be in control.” and “I have a logical attitude.” about stress, while Blue Brainers and Orange Brainers have an “I need to tell someone.” and “I require a physical outlet!” perspective when dealing with stress.

Learn to recognize your Brain Color signs of STRESS, which will relieve STRESSFUL situations!


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