Brain Color Tee Shirts

When I was teaching the What Color Is Your Brain? concept in schools using Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, which is the fairy tale version of WCIYB, I learn a clever trick from the students.

When they wanted to remind themselves to behave in a specific Brain Color manner they would wear that color tee shirt at school or home.

I love their ingenuity and incorporate their simple and effective idea often.

Today, I need to be more Yellow Brain:  to organize my office and be responsible about responding to emails and blog post.

This morning, when selecting my clothes I chose a “Yellow” turtleneck to keep myself on track doing the “right” things to achieve my goals. 

Below are their Brain Colors and Activity coordinated Tee Shirts:

Blue Tee Shirt: Art and Music.. be more creative and cooperative

Green Tee Shirt: Math and Science.. be more logical and selective of your time

Orange Tee Shirt: Gym Class and games… have more fun and take risks

Try these ideas and tee shirts,
and let me know how they work for you!

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