Brain Color Teambuilding and Cooking Class Combo

Recently, I had the privilege and pleasure to present a What Color Is Your Brain? teambuilding workshop for the Village of Northbrook (Illinois) Planning Department.

I love their “Blue Brain” chime, instead of a harsh department bell.

Tom Poupard, a “Yellow/Blue Brainer,” is the
Director of Community Planning.

No worries! Tom doesn’t drink wine on the job. He was enjoying
a glass of wine during the afternoon cooking class.

I admired the teambuilding goals Tom set for the day.
He wanted to offer his team the opportunity to learn how to:
Foster environment where individuals can be creative
2. Create a comfortable work environment

3. Communication ideas to others with open/direct communications
4. Shift perspectives to see other’s POV (point of view)
5. What makes you and others tick

The workshop took place in the Planning Departments “state of the art” comfortable
conference room. As per my instructions, Tom provided the team with healthy
snacks for the three hour program.

We began the workshop with everyone discovering their individual professional/workplace Brain Colors and learning the basic Brain Color information from my slides and their customized workbooks. Then the team divided into groups according to their Brain Colors. I provided each group with flip chart paper and a package of colored markers to complete their activities.

The team consisted of 2 “Yellow Brainers”, 2 “Blue Brainers, 1 “Green Brainer” and 1 “Blue/Green” Brainer.” We were missing an “Orange Brainer.” However, the “Blue/Green Brainer” graciously volunteered to be an “Orange Brainer,” because her “Blending Color” (numerically the second highest score on the Brain Color Quiz) was Orange. She and I became the “Orange Brain” group. I helped her out since my Blending Color also is Orange.

Of course, the single “Green Brainer” did not mind working alone. “GreenBrainers,” prefer solitary working conditions. However, she didsurprise us with her clever drawings!

Clever “Green Brainer” Ideas


The task for the first Brain Color Group Activity was writing down ideas that foster
“An Ideal Collaborative Workplace Environment.”

The second Group Activity was to write down the following according to their Brain Color:
1. How do you creatively identify and solve problems?
2. How do you react to change?
3. What does “Excellent Customer Service” look like with other village employees and residents?
4. How do you deal with difficult or negative people/situations?
5. What can you do to improve your communicating and listening skills?
6. How do you manage yourself self when dealing with stress, frustration and the pressure of deadlines?

Each team’s Brain Color ideas were prolific and profound. I knew I would enjoy printing out and returning their Group Activities, as my follow-up activity after their workshop.

At the conclusion of the workshop, each team member designed their own apron in preparation for the afternoon “Cook’n Up Color-filled Fun and Food” with
Mary Rose Hoover, owner of Cucina Della Rosa Cooking School in Barrington Illinois.

Gnocchi Teamwork

At noon, everyone drove to Mary Rose’s Cooking School to
participate in a delicious, educational and enjoyable cooking class.

Mary Rose began the class with an extensive lesson about olive oils.

Oodels of olive oil.

After some olive oil tasting and bread dunking,
everyone divided into groups to prepare,
Goat Cheese Spread, Butternut Squash Gnocchi,
Eggplant Rollitino, Green Bean Salad and
Zabaglioine with strawberries!

Great Green Beans!

The meal was gastronomically glorious and gorgeous,
and we incorporated the Brain Colors into the menu
and conversation during and after the cooking class.


I was delighted when I read the team member’s evaluation,
which described the workshop as: “Informative, fun, helpful,
enlightening, entertaining, useful, worthwhile and one of
the best I have ever been to over the years!” 

A “Color-filled” Bon Appetit!!

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
Take a Brain Color Quiz, and learn about my What Color Is Your Brain? book and workshops . 

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