Brain Color Surprise “Thank You” Gifts – Princess Shayna Musical

For the past few days, I have enjoyed using all my Brain Colors to prepare surprise “Thank You” gifts for the Princess Shayna Musical Cast Members and Director, Kim Kass Woycke.

My Yellow Brain began preparing on Tuesday.

My Green Brain systematically and sequentially ordered all the Princess Shayna Musical Blog Posts that Kim and I had written since February 22nd  until May 29th.

My Blue Brain created a 20 page booklet with all the the blog posts, including a cover letter to each cast member acknowledging their contributions to the musical, their role and their performance.It was astonishing to re-read the posts and realize how much the cast and Kim accomplished in 3 1/2  months: The script, songs, dances, sets and a phenomenal production! Wow, it really is impressive!

My Orange Brain had fun playing hooky from my office work and using  “Lady Eva’s” heart shape c♥♥kie cutter to make her recipe for yummy cinnamon cookies for the cast party this afternoon.

I know there is more Orange Fun awaiting at the Cast Party. We all are going to wear our purple Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift cast tee shirts, take more pictures, play games, eat treats and sign books/shirts/programs/etc. Kim asked Jordan and I to come a little later because the cast is planning something for me. I am very curious and happy that I also have a the surprise “Thank You” gifts for the cast and Kim! I am also planning another surprise  “Thank You” for Kim. I will be telling you all about it in a few weeks.


Sarah Spundah


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