Brain Color Personalities and Garden Preparations for Winter

Winter Preparation

Last weekend, my husband and I enjoyed a beautiful autumn day to prepare our home for the winter season.

Yearly Ritual

It is a yearly ritual that we empty all our flower pots and store all our summer garden decorations in our shed. We take out our winter decorations and the snow blower.

Brain Color Personalities and Preparation Attributes

Jordan uses his Green Brain Color Attributes and I use my Yellow Brain Color Attributes to get the job done. Each of the Brain Colors helps us prepare for our tasks.
My Yellow Brain always has a plan for the weekend and what we need to accomplish.
My Blue Brain enjoys taking photos of the gardens and trimming back some of the plants
Jordan’s Green Brain has a system for putting all the decorations and pots in the shed
Our Orange Brains enjoy being togehter and enjoy the beautiful weather and time together in our gardens

Summer Garden Flower Cuttings

I brought colorful flower cuttings in the house to enjoy their summer beauty.

These beautiful begonia cuttings were from hanging baskets on our front porch. I hope they will grow roots that I can replant into posts, next spring.



The hydrangea below was a beautiful share of pink this summer. Its autumn bronze and fuscia color will be a lovely dried arrangement for the winter in our powder room.






The roses below are from several of our carpet roses that surround our circular driveway. When they dry they will be a lovely reminder of their summer spendor. 


Final Thought

Using all our Brain Color Attributes for making winter preparations with summer flowers and decorations will bring Jordan and I joy and sunshine  during our cold snowy days in Chicago!

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