Brain Color Manuscript, Revisions & Careers

I have been “MIR” again… Missing in Revisions.

I am delighted that my 2nd edition manuscript for Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, which is the children version of What Color Is Your Brain? was email to my publisher this morning!


My “Green Brain” could not stop my fingers from revising the document. Green Brainers thrive on improvements and making ideas better.

That is why there are so many “Innovative Green Brainers” who choose careers as: engineers, scientists, researchers and techies. Those individuals are effective and efficient problem solvers.

I was fascinated to see how my “Green Brain” writing skills had changed and my writing style had improved, since I wrote Princess Shayna 14 years ago.

Now, it’s on writing and editing the front material of the book:
Author’s Introduction about how to use the book, Dedication and Foreword.

As my publisher says,
“And Off We Go!”

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